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The USA began the 21st century as the world’s unrivalled superpower. Globally the USA touched everyone in different ways, through Hollywood, US technology – Microsoft, fast food – MacDonald’s, fizzy drinks – Coca Cola, news media – CNN, print media – the New York Times, International Herald Tribune, internet – Google, Yahoo, and finance – Wall Street. For over a century the United States of America has dominated politics, economics, foreign policy and globalisation.
When George W Bush became president of the US in 2001 the Neoconservatives, who filled his government, spoke of the need to project US power well into the next century. They spoke of international commitments, International law and global treaties in their ‘project for the 21st century,’ hindering US prowess and the US didn’t need them as it was the world superpower.
In 2010 the US position in the world is very different. America’s role in the world is being questioned by the US public themselves. The war on terror and its subsequent wars have caused a fault line as the US continues to be consumed with two wars which have now lasted longer than WW2 and show little signs of ending anytime soon. US conduct in the wars has led to many questioning their previously held views on America’s global role. Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib, extraordinary rendition, torture, anti-terror legislation and secret trials have now become symbols of America, a far cry from Hollywood, Human Rights, Democracy and the Free Market America was known for the last few decades.
At we continue to receive many questions regarding the status of the US, will it remain the world’s superpower? Many have asked us if the US is in decline and is it on the verge of being replaced as the words superpower. Many have also asked us who possibly will replace the US. China’s phenomenal economic growth in the last few decades, the rise of India, Russia’s resurgence, Germany for long the world’s largest exporter and countries such as Brazil and Turkey have all been proposed by various thinkers as possible emerging powers vying for America’s throne when the inevitable happens.
In this book we asses the current status of the US, how it rose to the post of the world’s superpower and assess if such conditions are deteriorating and if indeed the US will cease to be the world’s superpower. We also assess the possible challengers to the US and their prospects at replacing the US as the superpower, we will also assess the challenges and obstacles such nations face in reaching such a zenith.